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Everyone has an idea but execution is everything. We have designed a series of workshops to help you become better executors. Overcome obstacles and move closer toward the future you want to create.

Zambesi is a collective of founders and leaders from high-growth technology companies who share their skills through small-group, face-to-face workshops. Zambesi offers masterclasses in topics including product management, growth, branding, leadership, capital raising and public speaking.

Workshops run in groups of two. Travellers choose a track (eg Growth) which contains two workshops. There are no keynote speakers while the workshops are running.

Capacities are limited. To register, purchase your ticket to Sunrise Island



Principles of growth marketing and the secrets of social success

Workshop 1: Building a growth engine with Tim Doyle, Head of Strategy & Growth at Koala

Workshop 2: The secrets of social success with Mark Baartse, CMO of Showpo


Being a great Founder CEO

Managing yourself: productivity, sustainability, stress and resiliance

Workshop 1: Productivity and sustainability with Jamie Pride, Former CEO, Author Unicorn Tears.  Sponsored by KPMG High Growth Ventures

Workshop 2: Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation for Founders with Peter Huynh, Co-Founder & Partner, Qualgro Partners. Sponsored by KPMG High Growth Ventures


Scaling Up

Build a remote team and take the right legal steps to ensure you're ready to scale

Workshop 1: How to build a remote team with Ted Tencza, Head of Engineering at Prospa

Workshop 2: Ensure you're taking the right legal steps to ensure your company can scale with Anurag Verma, Practice Leader at Legal Vision


Pitching your startup


Workshop 1: Build your pitch with Alan Jones, M8 Ventures / KPMG High Growth Ventures / Startmate

Workshop 2: Public speaking masterclass with Fleur Brown, TEDxSydney


Getting Paid

Strategies for maximising conversions at checkout, and preparing to accept payments from anywhere in the world

Workshop 1: How to maximise conversions at checkout with Daniel Miller, Maria Korotkikh from Stripe

Workshop 2: Building for global scale and sales from day 1 with Denis Ruderman, Mario Emmanuel, Stripe.

Raising capital

raise money better and How to prepare for investment and run DD process

Workshop 1: How to run an investment process, target the right investors and create deal momentum with David Kenney, Partner at Hall Chadwick AND Rebekah Campbell, Founder Zambesi and Hey You.

Workshop 2: How to prepare for investment and run DD process with Sam Riley, Cofounder CEO Ansarada


Building marketplaces

Strategies to build two-sided marketplaces and how to scale fund flow for new marketplace business models

Workshop 1: Strategies for building a two-sided marketplace with Stacey Jacobs, Founder CEO TidyMe

Workshop 2: Scaling fund flow for marketplace business models with Judy Phey and Kevin Keohane, Stripe


People and culture (morning)

Building a workplace people love and make quality decisions

Workshop 1: Team culture with Mahesh Muralidhar, Head of People Operations Airtasker

Workshop 2: How to make quality decisions with Mike Knapp, Co-founder Shoes of Prey


People and Culture (afternoon)

Setting your values and create an inclusive and diverse company

Workshop 1: Doing the best work of your life - how to build a high performance startup culture with Jen Mumford, Safety Culture

Workshop 2: How to define company values that actually mean something with Didier Elzinga, Co-founder of Culture Amp


Agile Product Management

Product management masterclass and best practice agile development

Workshop 1: Best practice agile with Sarah Atkinson, Co-founder Pragmateam

Workshop 2:Product Management  with James Frankel, Canva


Tech Team Leadership

How recruit engineers and structure your team to scale

Workshop 1: Recruiting Engineers with Anthony Sochan, Think and Grow Inc

Workshop 2: Structure your team to scale with Chris Iona, Future Pass (formerly Hipages)


Product manufacture and distribution

Manufacturing product

Workshop 1: How to manufacture in China with Elyse Daniels, Founder Exodus Wear

Workshop 2 Manufacturing in Australia with Julie Stevanja, Founder & CEO Stylerunner


Growth Hacking

How to growth-hack using email and facebook to get lots of users fast!

Workshop 1: Use email to growth hack your way to success with Tony Blank (USA), Director SendGrid.

Workshop 2: Yes you can still growth hack using Facebook with Jared Codling, Slingshot Accelerator


Scaling effective teams with less process and the secrets behind successful cofounder partnerships

Workshop 1: Scaling effective teams with Dom Price, Atlassian

Workshop 2: Cofounder dynamics with Michelle Duval, Founder Fingerprint4Success 


Sales for B2B Businesses

Build a sales playbook and role-play sales techniques

Workshop 1: Build a scalable sales playbook with Andy Farquharson, CEO Winning by Design

Workshop 2: Sales role-play training. Teacher TBD.


After the investment

Building your leadership team FOR SERIES B AND BEYOND and manage your burn

Workshop 1: Fireside chat - Building your leadership team for Series B and beyond with Kevin Griffiths  (MitchelLake), Martin Beeche (Cofounder CEO Prosper Education), Graham Jackson (CEO Fluent Commerce), Mehdi Fassaie (Founder Fluent Commerce) AND Genevieve Gilmore (CPO Prosper Education) 

Workshop 2: Strategies to reduce burn and increase your runway with Reeta Dhar, Westpac


Intro to AI and ML

Getting Started with AI and Demystifying Machine Learning

Workshop 1: Getting Started with AI, Evan Crawford, AWS

Workshop 2: Demystifying Machine Learning, Evan Crawford and Alastair Cousins, AWS


Going Global

Market entry strategies for China and the US

Workshop 1: Develop your US strategy with Francis Vierboom, Cofounder Propeller AND Trena Blair, CEO FD Global Connections

Workshop 2: Develop your China strategy with Andrea Myles, CEO China Australia Millennial Project



Cybersecurity for everyone and how to prevent fraud

Workshop 1: Essential cybersecurity for business leaders by Craig Davies, Former Head of Security, Atlassian

Workshop 2: Online fraud: Trends, behavior and prevention, Bridget Clarkson and Mathieu Cadet, Stripe


Brand strategy

What makes a great brand and how to get yours right from the start

Workshop 1: Road test your brand, Simon LeCouteur, Founder Collaborateur.

Workshop 1: Develop your personal founder brand, Nicola Hazell, SheStarts Director


Alternatives to VC Funding

Access money you might not realise is available: grants, government incentives and venture debt

Workshop 1: Grants and incentives with Sam Ung and David Kenney, Hall Chadwick

Workshop 2: Using venture debt to scale your startup with Karthi Sepulohniam, Partners for Growth AND Andy Tsao, Silicon Valley Bank


Public Relations

How to get in the media and get your message across in interviews

Workshop 1 and 2: How to get media and get your message across, with Liz McKenzie, Head of Comms at Canva.