Katherine McConnell - Founder and CEO of Brighte


Katherine McConnell is founder and CEO of Brighte. Brighte provides on-the-spot finance for home energy improvements, such as solar and batteries. It was founded on Katherine’s belief that sustainable energy innovations should be accessible to all Australians.

Before starting Brighte, Katherine worked for 16 years in Investment Banking and Financial Services. Fourteen of those were at Macquarie Bank where she was a founding member of their Australian Energy Leasing business.

During her time working in energy leasing Katherine developed an expert insight into the economics of the home energy retail sector, but was struck by how many Australians found it difficult to afford sustainable energy improvements for their homes, at a time where alternative energies have never been so important.

Katherine also previously worked as an Economist in the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Finance and as a Policy Analyst at the Federal Treasury. 

In just 2 years, Katherine has built a business generating over $250k in revenue and over $22 million in finance approved for home energy improvements. Brighte has been awarded by KPMG / H2 Ventures, Women in Finance and Fintech Australia.   

Katherine is sole founder and a pioneer in the male-dominated financial and insurance services sector, where women represent only 7% of CEOs.

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