Sweat has over $100m in ARR, making Tobi Pearce one of Australia's most successful Founders.

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Tobi Pearce’s motivation was straightforward - he just wanted to be happy and independent.

After leaving home at 16 and living rough, that humble approach to life and work has spurned far more than he could have ever imagined.

He started work as a personal trainer and he met his partner Kayla Itsines at the gym in 2012 and the pair created the 12-week Bikini Body Guide fitness program.

From there they founded Sweat, a fitness app featuring easy-to-follow 28-minute workouts, dietary advice, and yoga classes.

It took off, and Sweat now has millions of paid subscribers all around the world.

Itsines and Pearce were ranked 40th on the Australian Financial Review’s 2017 Young Rich List, worth $63 million.

Sweat has nearly $100m in ARR. This makes Tobi one of Australia’s most successful Founders.

Itsines has almost 10 million followers on Instagram, and the pair say their success comes from keeping a close eye on what their customers really want, via social media, data mining and consumer research.

Pearce compares their business model to Netflix.

"Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify or whatever, you don't want to use them unless they have the content you want. There's no point on having a bunch of content if people don't want it. So we are very focused on understanding our consumers and learning what type of training do they want to do and what impacts their lives positively the most." 

Pearce says it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, but overcoming challenges is a vital part of becoming an entrepreneur.

“I don't believe mistakes have to be a bad thing. Some lessons can't be learned without making mistakes.”

Little known fact: Tobi is also a wiz on the paino!

Joel Connolly