The Night Before Sunrise


The night before Sunrise Island, we are hosting an intimate camping event on Cockatoo Island for the brave and the ambitious.

The night will consist of a shared meal, stories by the fire, some entertainment and a shared experience we will remember for years to come.

We are looking for travellers to join us who are forging a path, creating something new, exploring the unknown or who have something unique to share.

Due to the limited number of camping spaces on Cockatoo Island, we are only offering tickets upon application. Note each ticket will cost up to $320 to cover the accommodation, food for the night and facilities. If you are unable to afford this we will be offering scholarships (more on this soon).

At Blackbird we celebrate the founder in everything we do and special attention will be paid to those who are creating the most ambitious companies of tomorrow. But we are also looking for those wild hearts experimenting at the edges of the future: scientists, artists and those daring enough to think originally about the world.

If this is you, purchase your ticket to Sunrise Island and you will be able to apply for The Night Before Sunrise.

Joel Connolly