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Sunrise Island is our homage to Founders. We want to build a startup movement in Australia. We want to help Australians begin their journey into startups. We want to inspire them and help them overcome obstacles. And we want our audience to meet and learn from the very best people in the startup community.


To create a startup movement in Australia.
To fill our audience with inspiration and wonder.
To enable them to learn and overcome obstacles.
To create a space where people can meet their next cofounder, investor, employer, friend.
To support and grow the Australian startup community.



Sunrise has always featured founder stories from some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs. This year we're changing things up a little bit. We are being inspired by micronations and the crazy misfits who declare sovereignty just about anywhere they feel like. What would an Island, or a nation conceived and created by founders look like? Sunrise Island.



This year the content program is a metaphor for the founder journey and is divided into three sections.

Part one is the spark, the idea. Excitement, inspiration and possibility. We're featuring two keynote speakers who are long-term thinkers and will inspire you to dream bigger than you ever have before.

Part two is about overcoming obstacles, and we have partnered with Zambesi to design a series of over 40 tactical workshops lead by industry experts.

Part three is all about getting started. We are featuring stories and insights from some of the strongest operational Founders we know. Get things done, move quickly, learn fast.